How are you leaving your mark?
I found myself contemplatively looking out of the window when I realised the house opposite...
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How to grow your business to be radically different?
Have you ever realised that sometimes there is that one advert, on TV or otherwise,...
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Benefits of being squashed like sardines.
The COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented challenges on human behaviour. The various public health measures...
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Our 20/20 Vision: Could ugliness be a sign for change?
Throughout history, humans have continuously engaged with their environment according to their desires, wants and...
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Can’t stand the heat? Immerse yourself in green.
Have you ever stood on a Maltese roof and said to yourself “My word what...
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Where do you belong? Space and identity
This is a loaded question which has been debated in many social, psychological and design...
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Do you want to live in a thermos flask?
Description This case study focuses on the development on Goldsmith Street, Norwich, designed by London...
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Creating better quality of life after lockdown in Malta
It is evident that in the growing interconnectedness of today’s hyper-globalised cities, public health crises...
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Hospitality and COVID-19: what does the future hold?
With social distancing keeping many people at home, we are seeing major shifts in behavioural...
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Are Architects & Civil Engineers essential personnel?
The current COVID-19 health crisis has brought about a different consciousness to our understanding of...
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The home of Bureau 105
Our offices may be a nook, but there’s a very good reason for that. See,...
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The place to be in the capital city.
A 1920 Prohibition-style bar and restaurant, mixed with art deco touches and steampunk, has opened...
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We Made it into the LogoLounge Book 11!
We’re thrilled to announce that one of our logos has made it into the coveted...
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ECCE General Meeting 2018
Smart Cities in the Mediterranean. In 2018, Bureau 105’s co-founder, Perit Jeanette Abela, attended the...
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